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Giant Brown Jordan Patio Chair

Giant Brown Jordan Patio Chair

We’re wondering if they have a choice of different colors for giant seat cushions?

It can be pretty tiring, driving around the USA in that rental car that you got such a cheap rate on, visiting all of the Big Things To See in this great country. So when you’re in the Dallas, Texas area, stop and see the World’s Largest Patio Chair — and then just have a seat and relax for awhile!

Sunnyland Furniture’s owners claim that it’s the Biggest Patio Furniture Superstore in the Big State of Texas. And with its 35 thousand square foot showroom and 30 thousand square foot distribution center, it probably is! But it’s one particular piece of furniture that makes it worth a road trip in your car rental:

BigPatioChair-MandyMoonPhoto by Mandy Moon

Be sure to have your friend or loved one snap your photo, as you sit in this Giant Patio Chair. It is an oversized replica of a Tamiami lounge chair by Brown Jordan, and just like a normal-size version, is made mostly of aluminum. Over 6 feet tall, it has been sitting outside the Sunnyland showroom for over 20 years, creating a roadside attraction that helps the family-owned business attract new customers.

To get to Sunnyland Furniture in North Dallas, so you can take a load off your feet and rest comfortably in this fine example of a World’s Largest Passive Marketing Tool, drive your rental car to 7879 Spring Valley Road #125, in Dallas, of course. To get there, you can take the Lyndon Johnson Freeway all the way to Exit 19B. Then, you will turn your rental car right onto Coit Road and drive about a mile to the intersection of Coit and Spring Valley Roads. Turn left onto Spring Valley and then (almost immediately) you’ll see Sunnyland Furniture, home of the World’s Largest Patio Chair, on your right!

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