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United States Presidents’ Giant Heads

United States Presidents’ Giant Heads

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  • Address: 2500 Summer Street, Houston, TX

In Houston, Texas, discover proof that one of our leaders had a head full of rocks!

Texas is the largest state in the continental USA, and Houston is its biggest city. So, of course you can find several examples of Big Things To See in Houston, such as the world’s largest livestock show, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The city is also home to Spec’s, an 80-thousand square foot warehouse that’s one of the world’s largest liquor stores. But let’s stay sober (for now) and drive our rental car to find some of the most unusual Big Things in the Huge State of Texas… the Big President Heads at David Adickes’ studio!


Behind the Adickes SculpturWorx studio, which is located at 2500 Summer Street in “The Heights” area of downtown Houston, there are 30 or more of the giant busts and disembodied statue heads outside, no doubt enjoying the Houston sunshine.

When you get into your rental car to drive down to the studio, don’t forget to take your camera! Visitors — who don’t even have to pay an admission fee — usually decide to take tons of photos once they see these amazing & enormous sculptures in person. Towering 18-20 feet tall, the President heads will listen silently as you make all the “stoneface” and “blockhead” political jokes you want! The President heads also rock out with some very cool Giant Statues of The Beatles!

Mr. Adickes, born in 1927, has also sculpted a 76-foot statue of the famed Sam Houston that resides in nearby Huntsville, Texas, as well as Big President Heads for 2 parks near Mount Rushmore and Washington, D.C.

Mr. Adickes once answered a Washington Post reporter who asked him why he sculpted his gigantic Presidents by explaining, “I just like big. I’m a Texan,” Adickes said. “Big is impressive. The Statue of Liberty, for example, as a piece of sculpture, is not that great, but standing in the harbor 151 feet tall, it’s great.”

Another very cool Big Thing To See in Houston is the World’s Largest Beer Can House, and that’s only a 10-minute drive in your rental car southwest from the giant President Heads!


  1. what is going on with the president heads ? where are they being put to be displayed

    • Hi Brett, I really don’t know. I’m not sure about the President Heads, but the Associated Press was reporting just this week that Mr. Adickes will be sculpting a giant (80 feet tall) Apollo mission NASA astronaut in Webster, Texas, so it’s great to hear that he is still creating Big Things!

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