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World’s Largest Nickel Near Sudbury, Ontario

World’s Largest Nickel Near Sudbury, Ontario

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  • Address: Big Nickel Greater Sudbury, ON P3C

The World’s Largest Nickel is worth a lot more than 5 Canadian cents! This 9 meter (30 feet) tall monumental sculpture near Sudbury, Ontario, is one of the Biggest Examples of Pocket Money anywhere in the world!

Located on the grounds of Dynamic Earth, the 12-sided Big Nickel is atop a hill near the intersection of Big Nickel Drive and Municipal Road 55 in Greater Sudbury.

The World’s Largest Nickel celebrates its 50th birthday in 2014!

Way back in 1963, 28-year-old local fireman Ted Szilva came up with the idea for the Big Nickel in response to a contest in the Sudbury Star newspaper. However, his idea was rejected. But Szilva eventually bought the land and raised money to construct it, on his own.

The Big Nickel is a 1951 replica nickel, chosen because that year marked the 200th anniversary of the 1751 isolation of the element by Swedish chemist Baron Axel Frederic Cronstedt. Nickel metal mining was and is a huge reason the town of Sudbury exists!

Drive your cheap rental car over to take a picture of this Big Thing To See in Canada, because a nickel just doesn’t seem as valuable as it used to be — but the Sudbury Big Nickel is always awesome!

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