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This Big Bell has symbolized world peace for 15 years in Newport, Kentucky

The World Peace Bell is found in Newport, a small Kentucky city just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.

This amazing Big Thing To See in the USA is a former World Record holder that was, until a few years ago, the Biggest Bell in the World!

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Never Forget the Reason for the Season, and Never Forget Our Veterans


Indianapolis, Indiana is the home of this Big Thing To See in the USA, and its origin dates back to the United States Civil War, in which over 24 thousand Hoosiers were killed…
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Have you ever felt like you’ll never get done with all your laundry?

We’ve all walked into our home or apartment one evening, only to discover that an invasion has taken place… and the army of dirty clothes will not easily be turned back! But no matter how tall the piles of dirty socks are, no matter how stinky the laundry basket is, VroomVroomVroom’s friends in the Chicagoland area know they’ve got a secret weapon in nearby Berwyn, Illinois: Tom Benson’s World’s Largest Laundromat!

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